Twice As Nice IPA

English IPA
After a month on the yeast the Wild Pale Ale was slowly falling to 1.032 gravity. Having also noted its sweetness as high levels of DMS I decided to rework the batch. The new brew would be hopped again to create an English style India Pale Ale. I added 3lbs of malt extract to increase the gravity and an additional 2 gallons of water for before the boil for trub loss and evaporation. Unlike a culinary boil the boil was rolling with notable aspiration.

I have no calculations for the resulting bitterness. The assumption is the second hopping added an additional 20 units to the original 38IBUs. The boil resulted in a collection of 4.5 gallons at 1.059 gravity. I pitched a starter of Burton Ale Yeast WLP023 as its profile closely matches the fruity notes I was getting from Wild Yeast minus the tartness. I've named the yeast TX2104.

The IPA is fermenting well after the ale yeast I'll rack and pitch the wild yeast on a smaller batch. I'm thinking it will develop a nice tartness within 6-months.

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