Wild Persimmon Yeast

JA was kind enough to let me out of sight with the dregs of his traditional Pear cider. I was free to harvest the small amount of yeast remaining in the bottle. He explained when making the cider he added pear juice to persimmon fruit for fermentation. The yeast remaining was in fact a wild native to Texas.

The bottle contained ~20ml of slurry. Using dried malt extract and some nutrients I mixed a 1.5 liter starter at 1.022 specific gravity. The starter was boiled for 15 minutes and cooled in an ice bath. The solution cooled to room temperature overnight. The next morning I pitched the yeast and stirred daily to keep the yeast in suspension. After two weeks at room temperature the yeast has multiplied. I now have ~750mL of healthy Wild Texas Persimmon Yeast. I'm thinking this should make an excellent pale ale.


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