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Dusseldorf Style Alt Beer

The beer of Dusseldorf Germany is not seen often in United States. My search online and local for an example was retuning literary accounts of alt beer. I gathered that the hops where to balance the malt and the beer was to be decidedly bitter. For color and inspiration I pulled a recipe from Brewing Classic Styles as a base. The malts called for Munich with Carafa for color. Having brewed a similar styled beer the Dusseldorf would be a kicked up version of a Vienna lager. There would be more hops and deeper color. I crafted the recipe as a good starting point. The malt profile selected was heavy Pilsen with some wheat and chocolate. Not quite the recipe from Classic Styles but one I wanted to try.

Jamil's Dusseldorf Alt Beer
60.6% Pilsener
16.2% Vienna
16.2% Munich Light
6.1% CaraMunich
1.0% Carafa

60 Minute Hops
0.66oz Horizon AA13.6%
30 Minute Hops
0.50 oz Tettnang AA2.3%

After brewday research continued I found photos and a commercial example. Shiner had made an Old Timer to the Dusseldorf style. The beer was copper colored with more flavoring hops. My own creation was malt forward with a bitter finish. I was proud to have a beer within style but darker in color. I found the hops to balanced with the malt. For my next batch I plan to work out the chocolate malt and increase the hops.

 Dusseldorf Style Alt Beer
Serving Beer in Dusseldorf

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