Arrogant Bastard

Some Arrogant Bastard beat me to a killer Craigslist advertisement. I've searching for months to complete my brewing rig and today I'm sucker punched by a champion clicker. The advertisement listed everything for $100. I was hopping to snag some additional soda kegs at that price but this listed:
2 Corney Kegs, 2 Sanke Kegs, 2 Glass Carboys, and a CO2 Tank.

Arrogant Bastard Logo I'll list scavenger prices for dumpster divers & otherwise thrifty pickers still looking for homebrewing equipment. Whomever got this deal of the day should brew a Stone IPA as a kick in the head. Be sure to send some my way :)~

$70 — 2 Soda Kegs
$60 — 2 Beer Kegs
$45 — 2 Carboys
$15 — Tank
$190 = Damn You
homebrewing equipment $100

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