Controlled Fermentation

I started worrying about beer fermentation when my closet batch blew its air lock. The slurry shot yeast foul everywhere somehow sparing clothing and memorabilia. Short of a disaster fermenting elsewhere seemed a safer. I was looking for a cool location with limited light and consistent temperature. Some ventilation would also be nice to mask the musty yeast off gases. I researched active carbon filters before deciding it was best to use the garage. I had an old refrigerator set aside during my kitchen remodel. I had reservation about its energy efficiency and dreamed of a fridge with dual zones for controlled fermentation.

Who was I kidding? A replacement refrigerator would be triple the stress and beyond the foreseeable budget. Thinking like a monk determined to make beer the doors were stripped down to their insulation. Once the excessive shelving was removed I installed wood shelves. The freezer side would be for cold conditioning while the refrigerated side for fermentation.

The 23 year old repurposed Hotpoint CSX20EKB was proof God loves me. I could brew like a Monk and cold store. I had space for three kegs and three carboys.

I am still working out the temperature controls but for now I’m using a LUX WIN100. The control was designed with an integrated outlet and temperature probe. I have the power cord running into the chiller. The temperature maintains a 2°F hysteresis turning the refrigerator on when cooling is needed.

I find the WIN100 to be sufficient for controlling fermentation. The thermostat's lower set point is 45°F and so it cannot be used as a freezer controller.
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Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us and wants us to be happy.
—Benjamin Franklin
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