Brew Your Own Half-Time Report

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and I am almost out of my first batch of homebrew. The Saison has gotten better with age. I’ve stashed a few bottles to see how it ages. I am down to the shaker with few pours remaining. I am facing some hard decisions about the brewing system. I can continue stove top brewing or I can go all out building an all-grain system. I am leaning toward brewing friends as my interest increases.

Of the brewing systems online I like the Brutus Ten the most. The HERMS and RIMS systems are confusing at the moment.

In a more practical sense I am looking for two beer kegs some stainless fittings and a burner. I am at the half-way point having acquired carboys, soda kegs and kegorator. It's been a successful hunt on Craigslist.
Beer Better Bottle

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