Beer Bottle Bomb

Under the bathroom sink are a couple of bottles of homebrew I've set aside for aging. The flip top bottles where dusted with sugar and filled with beer. The beer is 7.5% ABV and soon be drinkable after 6-months to a year. Assuming they remain bacteria free I should be enjoying some tasty farmhouse ale in October!

Error #1: "dusted with sugar"
Adding priming sugar to previously carbonated beer will crate a bottle bomb. The yeast in suspension will carbonate the beer even more increasing the pressure and ABV.

Error #2: "flip top bottles"
Flip top bottles are not a bad choice for beer storage if the glass can handle the pressure. Also you want light resistant brown or green bottles.

Error #3: "Under the bathroom sink"
The bottles should be stored in a water tight plastic bin not hidden with additional rolls of toilet paper.

I shall be wiser next time I'm bottling beer for storage. At the time I was reading about priming sugars. Since I am keging the bottles are for storage should be prepared first.

This means if I want aged beer I should leave it in the keg.
Broken Beer Bottle Over Carbonated

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