Blow Off Tube

After some hard lessons with air locks I am convinced a blow off tube is the way seal during primary fermentation. The homebrew yeast is most active during this period and carboys have limited head space. The blow off tube goes from the top of the carboy into a bucket of water. The tube extents to the bottom of the bucket and release the gas created during fermentation. I’ve seen the blow of buckets at commercial breweries over flowing with yeast krausen where the yeast cake is pushed through the tubing. As an overkill way to over engineer my own blow off tube I using two air locks, some vinyl tubing and a Tropicana bottle to create a blow off system. The system will allow for yeast collection if I am ever harvesting yeast. I needed a closed system to prevent spilling with a small foot printer. This one is designed to hide behind the carboy during fermentation.

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